Palm Reader Tab - Third Eye Blind

Palm Reader
Third Eye Blind
tabbed by: Kevin Brosky (3EBdude)

I was doing some figuring out with this one because I wanted to learn it so badly
and nobody has anything for it.  I just recently saw Third Eye Blind and was
pretty close to them.  I watched Tony and it helped me figure some things out for
the song when I got home.  So this is what I have for it.

The tuning is EADGBD and that is for sure because Tony Fredianelli said so on his
site.  It's almost standard except the high E gets tuned down a whole step
(although you could probably play it in standard and it wouldn't sound too much different).


-----------------------| repeat

The hardest thing to get the hang of is that you almost have to be playing two
parts at once, combined into one part.  The way I do it is my first finger plays
all the single notes and my second and third fingers do all the harmonics.  That
pattern continues for the verses.

These bends are half bends

   A                            G            D
|------0-0-----------0-0------------0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0-0-| repeat

Then there is that distorted bridge thing and that goes like this:

|------0-0------------------0-0----------------------| repeat

So that is the basis of the song from what I have gathered.  There are maybe some
other little fills at certain parts but this is the main gist of it all.  It should
be pretty accurate.  I hope this helps and maybe some other people will have more
on this song eventually.  Enjoy!

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