Versuri This Is Hell - Warbirds

Album: This Is Hell - Warbirds (2009 EP)

Ripping and tearing and losing my bearing and fearing I live each day in vain.
Here's to the long lost hopeful and their blind desires burning midnight oil spreading wildfires.
The choice is made, the line has been drawn, there are those that rest and there are wide eyes through dawn.
So here's a toast to throwing caution to the wind, pushing the limits while our luck is wearing thin.
There's no excuses just the fire in my eyes, remain convicted, f**k compromise.
Sacrifice, our whole life, we're birds of prey.
We're blazing trails so we won't fade away.
Sacrifice, our whole life, we're made of steel.
We are warbirds and we aim to kill.
Submission tastes so bitter that it burns my tongue so I continue climbing ladders with cut rungs.
I chose my path and it's the price I pay that the one's I love the most are the first to run away.

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