Versuri This Time Next Year - Cheers To A Late Night

Album: This Time Next Year - Road Maps And Heart Attacks

Let's take the longest way home?
so I can listen to the
words that let me know;
I'm not working well under pressure;
may take a few shots to make things better
and now its three am
"let's walk to the corner and back" she said
and I swear its true,
that there were other things I knew,
when I was thinking a substitute,
that was the wrong idea that was
the worst idea for you.

you said it never would end up like this
then again I never said

on those long three flights to the top of the stairs,
a goodnight kiss? it wasn't there
and it rained
from the way back down to half way home
I turned around because you called for me

when I picked up the phone
the first thing that was said
"Just drive down here, I can't get you out of my head"
and this whole time I thought you meant
I was stuck in your heart (I was stuck in your heart)
as well as your

I'm just a coward and you're just a liar at heart
heres to missing a chance
not even speaking too late
not saying anything that would make a start
I've spent a lifetime
waiting for the right time
there is no better time than here right now
this is all I have to say
just one time
there is no better time than here right no

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