Versuri This Time Next Year - Rules Of A Ghost Hunt

Album: This Time Next Year - A Place For You

Wed rip the seams of hearts wed lead, a classic lie or promise ring.
Together we could count the ways how broken hearts collect each May.
Its not unlike you to lie to get through every girl you seem to get to.
I sing this anthem for us today, you'll take her hand; Ill take her breath away.

Hey boy, whats her name?
This is one exception to our past deception.

Chasing skirts on broadway's worst; we used to know the words that worked.
In case we thought we forgot those days, Ill spell those words out anyway.

Hey girl, whats your name?
Ive got a thousand questions full of bad intentions.

You know how, you know how I know you saw that stare?
It was a dead give away, your look was too prepared.
Your eyes, they stare daggers,
but you better keep them shut when bloods in the water
because you know how I play this game;
so prepare your sharpest look with the deadliest aim.

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