Versuri Thornafire - Clergys Betray

Album: Thornafire - Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation

In the past, a small group of aged men
were devoted to achieve wisdom
and not to get power & wealth
They are a latent menace to pontificate

A small town that don't lives from charity raises
they don't adore altars or images also
Don't need to faithful to an oath
Neither to believe in suffering to get salvation

Clergy starts to envy them
those unable to wield their power on them
They instill lies & tell them to be heretics
Falling on them the reign of terror

Official: His Holiness how may I recognize
believers from true heretics?
Inocencio III: Kill them all, God will know his owns

The reign of terror

Clergy forgets its miserable origin
And their years of slaveness by the Roman Empire
and as every guilty one, they wait for salvation
But they are condemned from the beginning
of their formation

One hand on the cross & the other on the sword
The pontificate unleashes its envy
Their Crusade respect no sex or age
Christians burning their brothers because of faith

Official: Job is done, His Holiness, there were no respect for age, sex or social kind

Betrayed & killed
Raped & deprived
Your own brothers

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