Versuri Thornafire - Deification of The Four Fallacies

Album: Thornafire - Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation

Chroniclers from the first Christian century
They mention nobody beating death
The observant of the astronomical phenomena
They saw no eclipses or starts in Belen


It will be remembered through history
but history says nothing about his life
Will be remembered as the son of god
But suffers as the son of a human being

If a Jew doesn't worship a human being
How a man can be son of his god
If they use the language of myth
Writings speak nothing about his story

Because it doesn't exist his flesh to Paul
His faith is in crucifixion
If their acts were completely divinized
Why he was so slowly deified

Now read the vague writings
You'll see the myth removes the historic register
Try to find a non catholic testimony
And see all those chronicles to the stake were sent

Christians has existed for centuries
in slave & working races of the past
Devoted to finish their agony
No need to other crucifier

No need to suffer to be faithful
Because suffering is what we have most in this World


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