Versuri Thornafire - Eves Flesh Delirium

Album: Thornafire - Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation

In the beginning of myth & time
Under the knowledge tree lies
The serpent & Eve's vulva

The beginning-(the sin)
The serpent-(the flesh)

With her life created to the sin
Along pleasure & not to engender
The serpent gets close & touches her feel
As well as it did later with Mary

Love, devotion & reason
Are the clauses to eliminate bestiality
But forgotten to enjoy anal sex
Are the keys to condemn humanity

The serpent Eve
Ancestor of the world
Exile from paradise
Mary wanted

Her innocence sold
Through the god
Penetrated & fertilized
The descent from Adam

Creator of sin
And the mediating of the beast
Got the wisdom
That his own creator


Your perfect god
Creates a female
To be condemned

The serpents shows her
The pleasure in her body
The real path of perdition

The god is ashamed
Of her naked body
And her taste for pleasure
That makes her forget

Her faith in Him

Eve's shame disgrace