Versuri Thornafire - Fertility Initiation

Album: Thornafire - Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation

A weird woman trapped in a myth
In her first fertile period
Who is supposed to be with a Jew
Supposedly fertilized for an angel

Forgets her capacity to f**k
Forget the original sin

Exacerbate her fertility
Is she able to f**k with winged one?

If the original sin is the creation of a female
How Mary is the Immaculate Conception
Accepted as the mother of god
She is trapped in the incest of her own son

Possessed by a white demon & fertilized for a sectarian
The serpent is manifesting- and now sleeps under her feet
Showing the denied beginning-of her fertility
With the stink of her blood-and her weird beauty
The Nazarenes are attracted - to repeat the sin

To eradicate the original sin
The demon of the vine is invoked
To hide its malignancy
It is called Holy Spirit

And the beginning the Jew's possession
Look at the serpent at the virgin feet
If Mary engendered the son of god
Why wasn't she deified immediately

Trapped in the myth of the grace of the Holy Ghost