Versuri Thoughts Of Ruin - BioBurden

Album: Thoughts Of Ruin - Reclaim the Throne

I can't believe what you've done
Is this all we can expect
You tease us with this taste of life
And take it when you see fit

I know
there's more
to this life

But why
Hide this
Tell me
Or take me now

Is this
Desire to know

Why here
Why now
So fast
So far gone

You tease us with this gift of life
Then curse us with mortality
Is it fun to watch us squirm
How's the view from youre throne?

This is your Bioburden

Bring your net to catch us flies
Our faith is sealed in a jar
What happens if you decide you've failed
Do you start, stop, start again?

This is your Bioburden

Do I
Serve a
Or just serve?
We've come
So far
Now who's
Next in line?

This is your...

This is you Bioburden

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