Versuri Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off

To all the people in the house tonite,
Can ya feel me?
To those who live under the street lights at night,
Can ya feel me?
Check this out,
We bout to set this off,
Here come the drums:

When I let loose,
I come out blazin',
I maintain mannin' all stations,
Fully prepared for all situations,
We blow tracks like shrapnel, with the rap skill,
Shoot to kill, not for thrills, I got an iron grip.
That's the sound we make, no mistake keep the floor warm,
From town to town and state to state,
And yo, we rock da set like an earthquake
Hold it tight too, and too, I just saw,
Strapped to my knife boots..
We bump tracks like a fifteens the flavors me,
And chill like light when it flows through my brain stream,
Ready to fit the script twice when I get nice,
Equally precise, hits you open like head lice,

This time around we're here to let it be known,
Thousand Foot be the kings of this microphone,
This time around we're hear to let it be known,
Thousand Foot be the kings of this microphone now..

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