Versuri Thousand Foot Krutch - Watching Over Me

Album: Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome To The Masquerade (2009)

don't lie to me
i've seen everything I need
and i've heard all the requests
like a symphony of thieves

Don't cry for me
i don't need your sympathy
I've got everything I need
right here inside of me

and i know it' not that simple
but i think i'll get it right
cause no one else is listening tonight

i know you're out there
and i know you care
'cause i feel you
like an angel watching over me.

don't shut me out
i'm an arson to myself
who can't put out the fires
until there's nothing left

so take my broken glass
and help me make a window
so i can see your face
after all that i have been through

Thanks to Jonathan Burke for the lyrics. Thanks to Jonathan Burke for correcting the lyrics.

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