Versuri THRESHOLD - Elusive

Album: THRESHOLD - Dead Reckoning

climb the wall and leave it all behind
climb the wall and leave it all behind

youve got so much on your table
and I now that you are able
but youre hiding in your cradle
trying to rock it all away

youre sailing where the driftwood goes
youre falling from the sky like stone

youre the lifeline not the dead zone
the foundation, not the headstone
many things you need to let go
many things you need to start

and I know that your dependants
may be pleased with your attention
but I know its worth a mention
that its tearing them apart

and sometimes its a hard road,

maybe its elusive (so hard to find your way)
but you know just what the truth is (you feel it every day)
and maybe its intrusive (wont seem to go away)
but you know youve got to do it (let go of yesterday)
until its done

showed you wisdom showed you wonders
that you cannot pull asunder
and theres no curse that youre under
cause its over, gone away
now you have all you need

all the stores are full, your wings are strong
now its time to compete
you can run the race and carry on

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