Versuri THRESHOLD - Hollow

Album: THRESHOLD - Dead Reckoning

never found me a reason why
all I saw was a hollow sky
did I set my sights too high
to find a path before me
I dreamt of shooting stars
I travelled out so far
tried to signal where you are
but nothing could assure me

inside, outside, any side
still Im looking for alibis
cast aside close my eyes now Im here

and the words seem hollow now
but I dont want to let you down
cause the world just came around
and everything is brighter
I was so unsure
'til I found the door
and you let me in

when the flags have blown away
and the footprints started to fade
will I find my way again
or lose the path before me
I saw the leaves go brown
I saw them falling down
all my dreams lying on the ground
with nothing to assure me

fall came, hard rain, clean again
still Im waiting and mesmerised
purified, close my eyes, now Im here

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