Versuri THRESHOLD - One Degree Down

Album: THRESHOLD - Dead Reckoning

no sense in admitting Im weary from the wait
no sense in pretending that
Im pressing on the gate
no power in a promise that I can find the cause
all it takes are a few mistakes
so how can I be sure

what if I fall, what happens next
what if my foundation was a thought out of
no power in a process that leaves me in the dark
so Ill just go with what I know
its written on my heart

but thought its late in the day

I know Ill find my way soon
show me a place in the sun
cause somewhere on the journey
is the strength to go on
so let the dark fade
show me a break in the cloud
cause every day Im waiting
brings me one degree down

no shame in admitting I feel a little scared
no sense in pretending that
Ill know before Im there
no power in a promise with no authority
all it takes are a few mistakes before
Im lost at sea

I feel this inclination
leading me to doubt my destination
I used up all my patience all the time
I waited at the station

I dont want to break the sky
Im not going to come back down
I dont want to lose my mind
Im too far gone to turn back now

I cant avoid the feeling maybe all the signs could be misleading
with all my senses reeling when I saw my dreams all hit the ceiling

no need for reflecting on why it took so long
no need for rejecting this road Im walking on
no point reminiscing on things I cant repair
all it takes a few good breaks and suddenly
Im there

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