Versuri Throes of Dawn - The Blackened Rainbow

Album: Throes of Dawn - Dreams Of The Black Earth

Rain falls black from the skies gray
as tears they fell from the throne
of the Almighty...Cosmos

Beholding a star
that has been lit above me
I fall before its beauty
In this rainraped evening
the unknown stars shone to me
the Ominous starlight creates a vision
of a blackened rainbow
By the ecstacy of mystic rainbow
all veils open to me

I saw the blasphemy - in natures purity
I heard the blasphemy - in the birds singing

With heavenly tone
over lakes and the seas
wherever there
a heartbeat is

"Follow the blackened rainbow
to its end
You will never wake
to the sunrise
in heaven"

You will never see heaven.

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