Versuri Throwdown - Accept The Change

Album: Throwdown - You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family

spin, spin a year it's been a f*****g year and you're not here. i spin around (and the faces change everyday). Another down, another day, RIGHT? So spin, spin that s**t, spin it quick, where the f**k you at? Accept the change? No! From your reality - TO MY OWN. So keep your head in the game, don't wanna be another one year name. This one goes out to the kids, the kids that still remain. Another dawn, another day. I WON'T - (try to make it fit) I WON'T - (try to change your mind) I WON'T (if I thought I could) I WON'T - (I would have tried) Every day to the next. Day to day. Try and try... you can't stop the change. Move that floor and don't stop mothafucka. GO!

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