Versuri Thunderstone - I Will Come Again

Album: Thunderstone - Tools Of Destruction

[Music and words: Nino Laurenne]

Here again all by myself I'm pondering it all
I can't recall those years before, before when I stood tall
The days of glory in the past, haunting evermore
The vision and the final dream are still behind the door
Searching for the righteous course, I'm lost without a light
I need a sign, I need it now, I'll never give up without a fight
I will come again
With the power of my will
I have seen the eyes of this world and I have seen it's thrill
I will come again
Until then I'll get through
Destination still unknown
Direction straight ahead
The story goes on and on, it's time to turn page
I wish to find my final peace, without any rage
And suddenly I see it all, I'm not alone anymore
I need to run but not to hide, I'm reaching for the door
I will come again...

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