Versuri Thunderstone - Tool Of The Devil

Album: Thunderstone - Tools Of Destruction

[Music and words: Nino Laurenne]

I am a man without a heart
Without a soul
I am here for you
If you'll play my role
Come closer if you dare
I will show you the way
Of pleasure and of pain
I'm the light of your day

Walk through the fire with me
Over the seas of our times
Higher where all is sublime

I'll be here by you side forever
I'll shadow your steps, again and again
We'll be chained to this sin together
Through the joy and the pain
'Cause I am the Tool of the Devil

You'll try to stay on path
Try to keep direction
While the voices in your head
Whispering deception
Your standing in the middle
Don't know what to do
I'll give you the answers
To get you through



[Guitar solo: Nino]


[Chorus x2]

Tool of the Devil
Tool of the Devil

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