Versuri THY MAJESTIE - Cruenta Pugna

Album: THY MAJESTIE - The Lasting Power

[Music: Giuseppe Bondi and Dario Grillo]
[Lyrics: Dario Grillo]

Contra tenebras et mortem pugnamus
Contra omne malum ira incensi sumus
Magnae vires adversae pugnant bellum perennem
Gloria aeterna sit in his terris
Perpetua gloria in hoc regno
Nostra fides faciet nos claros
Nostra fides faciet nos claros in aeternum

Agri usti Durys clamant regem Arter
Interim vaticinia exitum habent

[Arter, after having seen the magical tree, arrives at Dury. Here he finds only desolation and death: Draita's armies passed through there, leaving the moans of the women and of the wind. Many courageous souls gave their lives to defend the village. After having looked at the lifeless bodies, Thy Majestie moves away and curses the fate. A prophecy shows Arter his forthcoming victory and the way to find Hywelbane.]

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