Versuri THY MAJESTIE - Maiden Of Steel

Album: THY MAJESTIE - Jeanne d'Arc

In the dark of my cage I can remember my freedom
The vision of a destiny; Im near to my death
Eternal faith has guided me through the flames of eternity
Now only a miracle could make me free again

Please lord save me! My freedom is near
So cold and so frightened, it is my jail
Now I remember my past since my birth
So cruel and so ruthless the destiny I suffer

Ive been called a Saint, Id to find the way
Voices of my fate running through my head to show me
He chose me to save France to made them surrender
In the name of my King Ive been a maiden warrior

Maiden of Steel for the faith to the King
Shes bearing the pain of thousand flames

Maiden of France, you will remain in the time
A symbol of courage and faith.

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