Versuri THY MAJESTIE - Up To The Battle!

Album: THY MAJESTIE - Jeanne d'Arc

I have told you all that you would like to hear
Ive foretold you what could have never been dreamed

Ive stirred up in you the will to keep up the fight
I have brought you hope to battle for your rights
Weve fought the English
We have set free
The city of Orleans, I am looking to Reims

Looking in your eyes I see indecision and fear
I bear the holy flag, the knights are ready to leave
An army of gallant men have been just mustered for you
So put your dread apart to claim for your rights

Well fight the English
Ill give the chance
To battle for your land, thy valleys shall be French again

The Maidens heart is encased in armour
Her noble spirit will lead you to the victory again
The Strength and the Faith of thy words are the key
Lets march to the Loire...

I am the Virgin of France, she said bearing the flag
English intruder your time near the end, so choose: give up or be dead!
Friends up! Up to the battle! she said inciting her troops,
The Lord has sentenced the English invader,
So put your hands on thy swords and follow me!

The fortune of war has dealt another blow to them
English commanders imprisoned or dead
The way is open now to march across thy lands
Together well ride to reach the holy Reims.

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