Versuri Thy Will Be Done - Machineries Of Debt (Rebel Or Regret)

Album: Thy Will Be Done - In Ancient of Days

Destitution exists now to balance out the greed
The people are working and barely have what they need
Bloodletting the people fuels machineries of debt
Excess for some while others needs can't even be met

Choking on the fumes of society's pyre
Watching as the flames destroy the empire

It will bleed the working class use them for all it can
A debt based society is not how it began
Brainwash education. Disillusion the youth
They're hiding all the answers so no one has the truth

Rebel Or...Remain Defiant
Rebel Or...Never Quiet
Rebel Or...Never Submit
Rebel Or Regret

Exchanging love for power it beckons corruption
Desperate souls are reduced to sell their own children
The reward for our labor is time we do not get
Bloodletting the people fuels machineries of debt

We teach the children theories don't teach them tolerance
Untrammeled economic expansion has expense
A covert curriculum strategically ignored
Corporations profiting allowed to break the law

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