Versuri Tiarra - Broken Echoes

Album: Tiarra - Post Scriptum 2008

Reaching for the pain inside
Listening to the storm raging outside
Darkness surrounding you most precious dreams
Lusting for the memories within...
You're hoping to drown in your tears
Hoping to escape your own fears
You're crying for the light which is so near
But you're lost in a dream
And no one hears...

I was blind in the dark holding your picture
I was scared for a while knowing I miss you

In my dreams you appear, I wish you were real
But I'm loosing you again, my dear

I can still feel the heat surrounding me
Your traces disappear in the dust
I am lost in this tragedy of love
I am standing on my knees, you are there, and I am here
I am grieving like a child; you left me into this world
I'm alive and you are gone

I am screaming all alone, Can you hear me
I am waiting for an answer; I am waiting for one word

I am running all alone, can you stop me
I am standing here alone, can you see me

You were the reason to believe
You were my reason to be free

Can you hear me?
Can you stop me?

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