Versuri Tiarra - Everything for her

Album: Tiarra - Drama Per Musica 2004

Walking down the road
He knows, he knows
That she's in love with him
For so long.

And all the memories
Running through his eyes
And all the words she said
He couldn't quite believe.

That she would give her heart
Would die for him
Would give herself.
She would do anything..

And she thinks about,
After that last kiss
That he would turn back to his wife
And go on with his life...

He doesn't really see
That she tries so hard
He's all she thinks about
When she cries every night.

One day he came to her
Looking into her eyes
Saying all those ugly lies
And running through the door

The letter she wrote
Was found in her bed
And all the words she said
Were the last and were sad.

But now he would give his heart
Would die for her kiss
Would give up his wife
Cuz she's all he ever had

He's praying every night
To see her agan
And he's the only one to blame
Cuz now...she's dead

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