Versuri Time's Forgotten - This Troubled Heart Of Mine Pt. 4

Album: Time's Forgotten - A Relative Moment of Peace

So what it's left but living, uhh, now
I will come home
Nobody cares but it's worth trying, uhh now
I'll be myself

How would I've known
That I'd end up like this
Not knowing how will it end
But in the end I would live
Knowing that at least
I can stare into the Sun

All this charade I'll have to end
It is clear now
Nobody knows that you've been trying, uhh now
But at least you do

You would've said
That at least I'm living a life
But sometimes (that) it's not enough
It is like this
You have to grab what you're living
Cause you can lose it any day

Sometimes I don't know what makes me real
But now I'm trying sure
That I was meant to be
And you're part of me as I'm part of you
Teaching me how to live
With this heart of me

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