Versuri TODAY IS THE DAY - Death Requiem

Album: TODAY IS THE DAY - Sadness Will Prevail

The path I walked in my life A lonely road I fell under The spell a long time
Ago I searched I looked for hope No one is there in death So sweet this sleep
I try not to Care no heartbeat fake smiles Cold hands in dirt at least I
Lived As hard as I could you made my life Complete you gave me a home slit The
Throat drain your blood wash The hate from the dove do it for me I will wash it
All away you've been Beaten kill that stray stop that Crying don't cry out loud
You keepYour silence and wear it proud I can't Say what I see just because
You're Sellin' me you're not real your face Is fake the world revolves around
Your fate it's not fair the s**t You do all the pain all that's due No bullshit
Hard times for everyone Everywhere I won't be your dumb machine No brain no

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