Versuri TODAY IS THE DAY - Going To Hell

Album: TODAY IS THE DAY - In The Eyes Of God

Play it! What'd ya say?
Stand in line No mistake
Stand in line Yeah Try living Free bird
Tied down You can't make me You can
f**k off
Die trying Try flying Then you'll see Then
You'll learn your name
It's all on your hands Your fame
You can be who you are
Your voice It's all on your hands
Your fate
Rape Kill Faster Master Dying Hope Love
Why am I still dying I feel totally
Out of control I feel like I wanna do
Something bad I can't stop myself from
Hurting All of life's s**t makes me mad
Nowhere to live No one to love My
Empty hand hurts It's cracked My face is
Raw Victim Cut out my eyes
Don't be so desperate
It shows in your smile

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