Versuri TODAY IS THE DAY - This Machine Kills Fascists

Album: TODAY IS THE DAY - Kiss The Pig

Rape my country again. Over and over and over again. NO. I got a hand. I can use it. You could be the one. Runnin from my gun. Runnin from the bad man. Runnin from the gun man. Running with your life at stake. Taken. Broken. Homeless. Heartless. I'm not afraid. I got my guns. Now you're the one. Runnin from my guns. Runnin from the bad man. Runnin from the gun man. Runnin now your lifes at stake. Hows it feel to be my target? I won't miss. I totally promise. When you shoot at me don't be afraid. Justice will be done. Victory will be won. Life will be good again. Wipe away the blood. Shake away the pain. Live your f*****g life. Thats a good philosophy. Get yourself a brain. Break the f*****g chain. Put the knife away. Be an honest man again. Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Try some self respect my freind. Paint that black word. Tear down that church. Look within. Try to find. Fly away. Heart and mind. Look so deep. Deep inside. Fade away. Hear t and mind. Cross the sea. Far away. Cast the spell this I say. Count on me. I'm your glock. Rack the slide. Gonna rock. Better watch what you say. Better watch what you do. Better learn how to live. Get ready to move. Can you change brand new name in a rage violent race.

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