Versuri TODAY IS THE DAY - Why They Hate Us

Album: TODAY IS THE DAY - Kiss The Pig

This is how I load my gun .308 makes lots of fun. You can't touch what I have son. Higher than the highest star. Up above the world so high. Like a rocket in the sky. If it hollers let it go. We should kill you god says so. Never ending can't stop spending cash. Stop pretending it's not ending fast. Pain is just the thing you need. I know whats good for you. The truths not true I said its true. Shot right between the open eyes. Shot in the face. Working with no pay death is on the rise. I don't wanna work. I don't wanna give. I just need to f**k. Faster and faster and over and over and faster and faster. How longs it take for you to get the deal? My heart it brakes its you that steals the deal. Victims on the left. Quitters on the right. Losers all around. Driven by belief. Shoot you in a tree. Your brains on the ground. Hotter than the sun. Blacker than the night. Lions all around. Captive captive captive captive captive captive. Mankind races tow ards annihilation rising above the unholy sky. When the smoke clears no one will be standing.

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