Terrible Lie Acoustic Solo Tab - Tool

Terribe Lie by NIN
Acoustic cover by Tool
Tabbed by: Corey R. Wardrop

Other tabs on this song are great.. (I recommend Jabes Zabik's- version)... but
none had the little solo part about 3/4 through the song and at the end.) The
recorded version is played very faintly- so if you just play something similar
it'll probably sound right.. just stay within the chord.

My little riff here is close, but I'm a noob- so if anyone can give it a better
listen, that'd be cool too. 


Basically, the song repeats 

Em (Em7 if you're lazy like me), Cadd9, G, D, Dsus4 throughout, with a pull
off from Dsus4 to D every loop.

At 2:31 into the song, where the lyrics end with: 

"Don't take it
Don't take it
Don't take it
Don't take it"

it then rolls into this little picking riff:

 Em7               Cadd9       G                   D/Dsus4            

Back to the chords...

Then at 4:11, after the lyrics finish:

"I wanted so much to believe" it starts into the picking again while repeating
"Hey God". Same as above, repeat 2x to close out the song.


Again, any help from someone that actually knows something would be great.

|m| >.< |m|