Versuri Tragedy - Crucifier

Album: Tragedy - Nerve Damage

strung up by the hungry hordes, left to decompose
at the feet of sheep, modern day witch hunt
barbaric acts, scapegoats for the righteous cause
scapegoats for the righteous cause
crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier
seek out targets of practice, each time feeling
more proud, bringing home the kill for devouring
displaying heads as trophies, displaying heads as trophies
crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier
carry out the valiant fight with the morals of a
perverted priest, hypocrisy is redundant
might obtained from the blood of others
demanding adherence to their own laws while
breaking them in secret, on the surface is sterility
the filth is kept in hiding
crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier
at the stake, under fire, you're a crucifier, crucifier

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