Pigeon Camera Chords - Tragically Hip

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From: armour@gov.nt.ca (4,9203240,)

Any idea what this song is about???

Pigeon Camera
The Tragically Hip   off Fully Completely

I think it is in the key of A (or is it E?-I have hard time
distinguishing 'em!)

The opening riff is *something* like:

C#m       A
It was handsome at the auction
Oh but when we got it home
  A         C#mA      C#m  A
It grew up into something we could no longer contain
C#m    A
Where's our pigeon camera?
By now he could be anywhere
    A   Ab     A
And after all that training    and after all that training
B      E        (alternate A and E for remainder..)
Something we could no longer contain

Its boring    Im embarrassed    I dont endorse that

I didnt want this...

This house it has its politics
Over there that's my room
And that's my sister's
And that's my sister
something we could no longer contain
It's boring, Im embarrassed
I dont endorse this I didnt want that Its horrific
Im embarrassed, I didnt want that  I didnt want this
Its like we burned our boots with no continengcy plan..

Big long solo    (ANYONE??)

Hope this start is a help -feel free to improve


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