Versuri TRAIL OF TEARS - As It Penetrates

Album: TRAIL OF TEARS - Existentia

[Hansen, K.R. Hagen, Thorsen, Nordhus. Lyrics: Thorsen, Nordhus]

When your thoughts are carried
down the savage filthy lane
and winter flushes feelings down the drain
Let me be the one who pulls you towards the sun
Let me be the one
to chase your demons on the run


The future is memories to be shared
and we know those memories will remain
The more I try, the more I love
and the more I do makes the demons fly
and the day you die
will even make the flowers cry

Venomous feelings as your thoughts are dragged
through the smoke of life
As it penetrates it's time to cease the day
Intoxication to control the hate
Whatever comes will kill your faith
Leave it be
and pour the blame all over me