Versuri Trans Siberian Orchestra - Remnants Of A Lullaby

Album: Trans Siberian Orchestra - Night Castle

There was a time, now far away
That now belongs to yesterday
But late at night if you believe
There are still parts you can retrieve

Beyond our memories
Past where the eyes can see
Well disguised
Waiting there, dream devised

Safe from time's endless reach
Everything a child can teach
What to keep, what to save
When to dare an ocean's wave

There among life's memories
Remnants of a lullaby and thee

There was a time, now long before
We found a way to close each door
But in our minds through labyrinths deep
Late in our lives, those doors we seek

And in our fantasies
We try to find the keys
Reach the stairs
Follow them, each to where

Scattered there on the ground
Everything lost is found
Wished on coins, childhood wings
Carousels still turning

Waiting there patiently
Remnants of a lullaby and thee

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