One Seventeen Tab - Transplants


One Seventeen - The Transplants
Tabbed by: TRON
AIM SN: guitarghetto
Date: August 28, 2004

Tuning: regular

This is my first tab so please criticize to your hearts content. To be honest
I'd rather be discouraged...

This song is by The Transplants. They play 1/17 whenever they open a set,
which is worth seeing. I have seen them twice, once with the Foo Fighters,
and once at the KROQ Weenie Roast. Actually, their timing is totally off, but
to me being totally wasted it didn't sound any different. This song is pretty
much identical to Nirvana's Territorial Pissings.

There's all these effects during the song, please don't get pissed, but I'm not
gonna waste my time on all the useless s**t. You f***s can do it yourself.

El   1111111--------------- 44444444--------------------------|

(Play throughout song)


I'm not taken no chance tonight
I'm gonna pack me a gat tonight
I'm gonna sell me some sacks tonight
And if it all goes well and I'm stacked tonight
We can all kick back and we can laugh tonight
Your off track tonight, and if you snooze you lose
You slept we crept, Your being broke your bruised
Thats the life I choose, guns drugs and booze

And we can get down right here in the street
You choose to live on your knees
I'd rather die on my feet

Shelia is a mess - o
She comes from Modesto
And you confessed
I don't wanna let go
she will do her best though
Death to confession (?)
Everythings ok
If she goes and says so

She's gonna load em up
Tie it up now boot it up
Shoot em up shoot em up
Cigarette now smoke it up
I got my (?) up
Cigarette now smoke it up
She not my sister
I love to watch ya tear it up

And we can get down right here in the street
You choose to live on your knees
I'd rather die on my feet