Versuri Trauma (Pol) - Determination

Album: Trauma (Pol) - DetermiNation

Accept and follow and do not engage
In lust and envy, In lust and envy,
Greed and wrath,
Your life is planned
And moves are traced out,
And moves are traced out
Why should I to follow the rules of light?
Listen and accept the determination right?

In spite of determination
I would like to act
To evolve and flourish
In every aspect of my life
I don't care about religion
I don't care about money
I don't care about the influences
And inherent others
Why should I to follow...

The borrowed impressions lust and dust
Means all the same for you
The ten dommandments
For humans choosing
Endless death and pain

I would like to hint
At the nonsense of common laws
Because every man and every woman
All people are unique
And a pinch of self-admiration
In these strange times
Is better than self-mortification
Why should I to follow...

Bizarre and twisted strange values
In this sick world, In this sick world
There is no place for
A moment of satisfaction
For a minute of musings
For normal life
Why should I to follow...

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