Versuri Trauma (Pol) - No Hope

Album: Trauma (Pol) - Daimonion

My life is a real paranoia
I exist in immense hopelessness
Closed in narrow cage
Among baseness filling me with disgust
The fear leaks through my hands
Covering the face of weakness and sadness
I feel someone�s hand
Fingers tightened on my neck
I try to understand anything
Though everything makes no sense
My scream echoes from walls
Pressing me down to the ground
I�m afraid of the minds
Which bother me incessantly
I�m still looking for an exit
Bit it surpasses my strength
No hope
I crawl through the fog of last sanity
Unconsciously I transform from night
Into wrong
Because all around is the false
I slowly sink into the deadness of existence
I ramble through desert of suffering
And disquietude
No hope
Nothing absorbs my mind
My life has been proposed without me