Versuri Tristania - Midwintertears

Album: Tristania - Widow's Weeds

Shadowcast upon my heart
Endark... thy bleak midwintertears
Condemned to mourn in silence
The pale moonrise in her eyes
Serene... like a frozen stream
The flowing beauty in thy tears

I crave for thee my once beloved
Beyond... the veils of darkness lost
Where now thy roses wrapped in dusk

Silent she coms through the night
Desiring a silver light
Leaving, with dusk in her eyes
Descending from paradise

All of us,
Souls she abuses,
Can only be achieved through death

Dark enchantress
I suffer thy fullmoonnights
Trespass my undesired darkness
Tears... flowing through thy dreams

Dark enchantress
The seventh fullmoon rise
I drown in dusk and dark rivers

Summon all my dreams
Like roses on your epigraph
Written in my tears
Thy sorrow and my bleeding heart

She comes so serene
My fallen beauty crowned with leaves
Take me to thy dream
Thy candle will forever burn in me...

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