Versuri Truculency - Abhorrent Asphyxiation

Album: Truculency - Eviscerate the Paraplegic

Tonight's the night when I begin to stalk my next victim
I must find the perfect c**t to suffocate and f**k
Follow her for weeks. Know everything about her
Killing is more intimate that way

I see a whore walking down the street
She looks like she would enjoy my cock
Forced down her throat
Foolow her home. Watch her every move
Not knowing what I have in store for her

So beautiful alive. But so much better bound and gagged

She wacthes tv so cute and innocent
Jerking myself off as I think of what I want to do to her
Alive now, but dead in two weeks
So many treats waiting for her
She goes to sleep, as I begin to peek
So much cum meant for her

Cant wait no longer this b***h needs to die now
Bust through the door. She belongs to me
She looks so scare as I throw her to the floor
And begin to tie her arms and legs
Begs for a life like a filthy little whore
Not much she can say or do to make me stop
f**k her tight hole before she begins to bleed
My cum and her blood will mix
Nights not over til I face f**k her to death
As I shove my cock in to her mouth,
She begins to bite down
Such pain and pleasure is all I need
Time passes and her body is limp
She has given up
Find my next victim to asphyxiate to death
is my reason for living

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