Versuri Truculency - Coagulation of Engorged Seminal Fluids

Album: Truculency - Eviscerate the Paraplegic

Decomposing inside of the deceased
A thickening mixture of blood and cum
Greedily devoured by the whore
That lay lifeless before me

Her putrescent entrails torn
A seemingly endless feast
Filled with s**t and cum
I feel myself begin to vomit
As I taste my own seminal fluids
I can't help but fulfill my need
For a feast of inodorous flesh
And putrid blood, s**t, and cum

Vomit brings the pleasure of perversity
Slicing through each organ
The scent of her vaginal diarrhea
Consumes me with felicity

Evisceration of the bowels
Absorbing the aroma of fecal matters
In chewing the anus I
Gag and regurgitate my entire refection
Revealing to me the nefarious
Desecration I have created

Thoughts racing I use broken glass
To exentrate my innards
The pain makes my dick hard
In my oasis of serenity
Amid frenzied sexual chaos