Versuri Truculency - Fecal Covered Christ

Album: Truculency - Eviscerate the Paraplegic

Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins
Now it is our turn to return the favor
Fetter him to the cross. No room to move about
Crown of thorns place upon his head
Penetrate his innards with a spear
Pierced limbs with nine inch nails
Show our thanks for what he has done for us
His present will arrive soon

Hundreds fill the room awaiting to deliver
The time has finally arrived
Brutal diarrhea about to explode all over the son of god
Urge to s**t invigorates as you draw near
Fecal matter canvas his body
Horrid stenches fill the air
Seminal fluid covers his face
Jesus regurgitates. What an atrocious degradation

Fecal covered christ
The savior must pay the price
Endless years of torture and lies
s**t shall fill his eyes

Fecal covered christ
Everyone is sick of your s**t
Excrement cover your skin
Time to die for your ultimate sin

Many lies is all you spread
Humiliation for all that believed
Desecrate your only son
s**t infested Jesus
Now we have won

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