Versuri Truculency - Intensive Fetal Desecration

Album: Truculency - Eviscerate the Paraplegic

Putrid whores coerced conception
For the purpose of fetal desecration
Girls hunted and kidnapped
Forced to f**k until fetuscreation
Bound and gagged and left in my room
They are kept just barely alive

Trapped in the womb
Awaiting to be disfigured
The baby begins to grow
Appetency for desecration

Beyond my control
Must find more so the process can continue

The fetus is developped
Now its time to begin the extreme torture

Legs spread open
Slow at first
A coat hanger works the best
Shoved up her c**t

Blood begins to pour out
She begins to scream in pain
Not knowning what is happening
Mutilating the innocent while they are still
In the womb forces me to cum

Sliced with a knife from her c**t to her breasts
The unborn fetus is shown
Scared from the coat hanger
So tiny. So mutilated. So beautiful. So dead.

Puncture the eye with the tip of the knife
A liquid oozes from the socket
Chainsaw the body in half
Gaze upon the tiny entrails
Skewer the chucks onto a stick
They will make a nice meal

Uncontrollable urge to desecrate a fetus

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