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C++ is a programming language developped
By Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979
As an extension of C.
Its main purpose was to make C a
More object oriented programming language.
The first name given to C++ was C with Classes.

These classes can be used to define real life objects.
For instance, a student object can have information
About the student age, major, and name.

These traits can be defined with
Simple data types such as int or char.
These classes can be used to interract
With each others in programs.
To define one of these objects you
Must use the 'class' keyword followed
By the name of the class.

A class can have private and public data types.
Private data can only be accessed
By objects defined by the class.
These data types are usually
Things that define the object.

Every C++ program must have a function named main.
The program starts by executing the code within main.
A library is sent up named std,
That defines many functions
That are needed by most programs.

To use input from the keyboard,
Cin can be used to see what the user types.
This data can be stored
In various data types for later usage by the program.

Also in the standard library a string data type
Is defined to allow usage of words and sentences.
These strings can be searched and manipulated
Using functions defined within the string class.
Fundamental types such a bool, char,
Int and double are also defined.

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