Last Words Chords - Tuatha de Danann

Bm (pausa)     D         A    Bm
Watching this terrible scene I am
Bm   D            A           Bm
Shivering with fear the silence of kings
Bm             D          A      Bm
My eyes see disgrace everywhere around
Bm             D           A      E
There's nowhere to return no things to do
 E       Bm    D/C#   Bm
You Horatio, listen to me
          D         D/C#   Bm
Tell the people of my history
     Bm         D     A          Bm
The poison is slowly winning my soul
Bm            D             A       
Goodbye to my queen, to everyone
Bm                 D         A     Bm
Night comes to my eyes and silence too
Bm                    D        A       B5
There's nowhere to return no things to do
Dear friend
As I say
   D5  D/C#  B5  A5 
Do everything
        G          A5
If thou hast loved me
         D5  D/C#  B5  A5 
Please clear my name
        G                        A
Maybe truth shall reign on this land
          G            A
Maybe someday I shall live again
Bm         G     Bm
But my eyes will see that
A         G      D     A
Night is coming to my eyes

(B5 G5 B5 A5  
 B5 G5 D5 A5) 4x

Bm       A         D    A
Nothing news from England
Bm           D             B              B          
I think the Fortinbras Shall win the elections




Explain the causes and clear my name
the rest is silence...