Tingaralatingadun The Dwarfs Rebelion Chords - Tuatha de Danann

Intro: A 4x E A 2x

They say we all are "things" from kids beliefs
And say we're all just fantasy
They burn our woods and kick our little houses
            C                             G/B
They're wrong! They're wrong! They're wrong
They're wrong! They wrong!
We don't agree with the s**t they do to us!
They say we're not real. They're all wrong!
They shall begin believe we do exist
        C                     G/B
They will! They will! They will! They will! They

(F Am)3x (F E)
               Am                 G
We love the trees, we love the rats
               Am                 G
We kiss the roots, we love the land
               Am                       G
We love the lakes and we roll in the sand
            F           G
But they can't understand it because
            C                         G
They only think in them selves, the rest is forgotten
         C                              G
Their things are done and over others build their pride
Our lives are bothered
    F                    E
Forgetting the ancient ones...

Ok my friend we're here to say goodbye
We can't accept this situation anymore
      C                  G               D
You must look at the beautiful man who lives and
hides inside your head
    C               G           D
Forget this little man you've been
                 Bm        C G Am
You must believe us... goodbye