Tuatha de Danann Chords & Tabs

Also known as Pendragon Country: Brazil Label: Underclass Music Website: www.tuathadedanann.com.br Formed in: 1995 1995- Celtic Folk metal Line-up Current members: 1995-  Bruno Leite Russi Maia - vocals, guitars, flutes, mandolin, bagpipes, whist   1995-  Rodrigo Berne - guitars, vocals   1995-  Giovani Gomes - bass, vocals   2000- ......Biografie Tuatha de Danann

Tingaralatingadun The Dwarfs Rebelion Chords

Tanpingaratan Chords

Last Words Chords

Land Of Youth Tir Nan Og Chords

Finganforn (ver2) Chords

Finganforn Chords

Dance Of The Little Ones Chords

Belive Its True Chords

Believe Its True Tab

Abracadabra Chords

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