Versuri Tuatha de Danann - Beltane

Album: Tuatha de Danann - Tuatha De Danann

we desere to know- how all this begin
the drvid's knowledge now is just our past
but the beltane's fire still burn on our veins
we cannot reject our past and our dreams

when the flames of behame shine again on these days
our blood will run sthronger then
the land prosperity is the hands of our queen
when she find again the horned king

they" run in the woods to make the oldest dance
the fall of winter rise summer (spring)
beltane- beltane
your fire light my soul and now i'm waiting again or you
beltane- beltane
the flames of your fire now is turning on my desire

that is the day- great beautiful day
wite the both sides- raise your head with pride
dance in the fire- ecstasyin the woods
embrace the may queen- insanier fly

the music is over king/ queen around the fire
the fire of beltane is calling us