Versuri Tuatha de Danann - Some Tunes To Fly

Album: Tuatha de Danann - Tingaralatingadun

Walking through the forest waiting for the twilight again
Sitting on my friend's Lix Lix my dear tree
So she came from the sky her wings were like gold
It shines on me - What a beautiful lady oh!
Her name I don't know, she didn't tell me
She told me stories that you'll never hear
Man who lives on this world
I came from far to you - Far from where your eyes can see - Beyond reality

The place I came from was forgotten by you
We all are friends - So different from you
So listen to me - A speech from my people
Come to my land where dreams become true

So she gave me a poison a magic poison
And we start to fly - Wonderful colors embrace the sky
Everything was beautiful - everything had its own bright
And she told me a story, something like this
Let's delight ourselves...
Fly to the ancient times to the land of De Danann
They were ready to fight against the Fomorians
Lugh in the front line lead the battle with wisdom
Courage, magic and spells - and the spear of Gorias

Too many warriors De Danann the Formors
They all fought to reign on the old Irish land
An ancient prophecy their legacy of justice
Those are the words from the destiny
What are they waiting for?

So Lugh the man of sun
Defy Ballor his grandfather to a fight
He strikes him in the eye
The evil eye that someday would become the sun (a little time of Lucidity)
Shine on me Dagd
Show this young people what life is
They are drowned in tragedies
Give them some delight
They forget the magic
What they all have in their light

So we got to play some tunes to fly
Remember the ancient with their spells
Behold the magic inside of you
Burn yourself inside to shine...

Give me your hands - please let me make you fly
Forget the things you created to your life
There's no way to return, forget all your fears
Someday you shall believe in your dreams