Versuri Tuatha de Danann - The Bards Of The Infinity

Album: Tuatha de Danann - Tuatha De Danann

from the past we've come
through the rainbows gate
beyond the sea's sundown
across the sea's waves

singing songs with the flowers
flying with the blue birds
we will shine again

we're the bord's of the infinity
from the past we've come
through the rainbow's gate
acron the sea's wave

till the land of immortals
upon crows we'll fly
singing with the faeries
we're the magic bards

we're the songs of twilight
we are guide by moons hand
with our songs we'll put the
magic in the air

with our magic harp
we will face all of them
so you'll se the power
of the cloud's son

now we must win the wall of times
with the queen of the witches
upon her crow's well fly
try to understand
we will shine again