Versuri Tuatha de Danann - The Last Words

Album: Tuatha de Danann - The Delirium Has Just Began

Watching this terrible scene I am
Shivering with fear the silence of kings
My eyes see disgrace everywhere around
There's nowhere to return no things to do
You Horatio, listen to me
Tell the people of my history
The poison is slowly winning my soul
Goodbye to my queen, to everyone
Night comes to my eyes and silence too
There's nowhere to return no things to do
Dear friend
As I say
Do everything
If thou hast loved me
Please clear my name
Maybe truth shall reign on this land
Someday I shall live again
But my eyes will see that
Night is coming to my eyes
Nothing new from England
I think the Fortinbras Shall win the elections
Explain the causes and clear my name
the rest is silence